Serbian (BCS): Na osnovi 4 stav 3 i 96 stav 1 _____ Zakona o radnjama od 5 novembra.......

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    Hello, I've just found some papers from my grandfather, I've no idea what he did when he was in Europe, as a matter of fact, I recently realized that he was Serbian (well, I think so). In these papers I found a kind of letter very old with stamps and stuff like it was really important, as it was a legal one, and I'd really like to know what's on it. I'm just starting to make the biografy of my grandparents, we never talked about it when they were alives, so, I just have several papers in several languages, as German, Hungarian and Serb.
    This is a extract of the letter:
    Na osnovi 4 stav 3 i 96 stav 1 _____ Zakona o radnjama od 5 novembra 1931g., a pošto je udovoljeno zakonskim na-edenjima, ovlaščuje se: g. "my grand father name", iz mesta St. Bečej opštine iste sreza istoga banovine Dunavske da može obavljati: postolarsku radjnu.
    There's still more text, but i'm going to see if someone could help me in this forum.
    Thanks a lot
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    This is indeed in Serbian. It's a government licence for running a shoemaker business. Literally, the translation would be:

    On the grounds of [Article] 4, Section 3 and [Article] 96, Section 1 of the Law on Businesses from November 5, 1931, and since the legal requirements have been satisfied, Mr. [your grandfather] from the town of St. Bečej, municipality of the same name, county of the same name, in the Danube Banovina, is authorized to run: a shoemaker business.


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