Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian (BCS): Christmas greetings

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  1. Hi!:)
    Now I want to compare the same phrases in Serbian with what I earlier had in Macedonian. Can anybody help with translation?

    Have a blessed and joyful Christmas!!
    Hope this coming year will bring you and your family a lot of joy, peace and luck!!!

  2. Henryk Senior Member

    Germany, German
    "Sretan i Blagoslovljen Božić!!
    Nadam se da ce vam nadolazeća godina donjeti mnogo radosti, mira i sreće."

    On the one hand it's Croatian, but on the other hand Croatian and Serbian are mutually intelligible. Hope the translation helps nonetheless.
  3. natasha2000

    natasha2000 Senior Member

    Correct. Neverheless if you need to know how it would be in Serbian, the only difference is:
    In Serbian we say Srećan rather than Sretan, and doneti rather than donjeti. The rest is the same.

    But if you want to wish a Merry Christmas in a Serbian traditional way then you should say:


    and the people will answer you:


    Maybe zou would like to see the sixth post of this thread.
    Hope this helps.:)
  4. Athaulf

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    Toronto, Canada
    Croatian/Bosnia, Croatia
    A bit belatedly, I wish merry Christmas to all members of this forum who celebrate it according to the Julian calendar!

    С малим закашњењем, желим сретан Божиђ свим члановима овог форума који га славе по јулијанском календару!

    Мир Божји -- Христос се роди! Живjели! :)
  5. Hvala lepa to all of you!:)
  6. Maja

    Maja Senior Member

    Binghamton, NY
    Serbian, Serbia
    Ваистину се роди!
  7. alexxx New Member

    And in Croatia we say donijeti rather than donjeti. :D
  8. juveno1 Member

    Malta, Maltese
    Hey everyone,

    I know that this is an english dictionary but is there someone by any cans that know serbian please? I need "Happy Christmas And Happy New Year" translated in serbian if it is possible.
    Thank you in advance:)

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  9. dudasd

    dudasd Senior Member

    We had a similar thread, but not exactly identical, so I hope our admins won't delete it because of doubling. :)

    In Serbian it would be "Srećan Božić i Nova godina" - but given that Serbs celebrate Christmas by old, Julian calender, which means on 7th of January, the proper order would be "Happy New Year and Christmas": Srećna Nova godina i Božić.

    The most usual greeting in this time of year is actually: "Srećni novogodišnji i božićni praznici" - lit.: "Merry New Year's and Christmas holidays."
  10. juveno1 Member

    Malta, Maltese
    Hvala puno dudasd! You've been very helpfull:)


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