Serbian , Croatian: involved in love

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    Serbian, Serbia
    Da li je smisao: zato sebe toliko dajemo u ljubavi? Zato se toliko predajemo (u) ljubavi?
    Širi kontekst bi pomogao...


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    Širi kontekst :
    "All the religious people have been saying this: "We come alone into this world, we go alone." All togetherness is illusory. The very idea of togetherness arises because we are alone, and the aloneness hurts. We want to drown our aloneness in relationship....

    That's why we become so much involved in love. Try to see the point. Ordinarily you think you have fallen in love with a woman or with a man because she is beautiful, he is beautiful. That is not the truth. The truth is just the opposite: you have fallen in love because you cannot be alone."
    Osho _Take it easy, vol2, ch 1