Serbian: da voziš neka kola lepa

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    Hello, I would like to know what means "da" in lyrics of this song. Does it mean "if", "that", "in order to" or something else? How is the first part related to second one? Thanks

    Da si na drugom kraju sveta
    da voziš neka kola lepa
    da si prvi, o, da si prvi
    da ručaš negde dole u Kini
    a zube čačkaš u Karolini
    na Bahamima da imaš vilu
    od mnogo žena da dobiješ kilu
    da si prvi, o, da si prvi

    Ma digni ruku, digni obadve
    digni ruke od svega
    nemaš kartu ni do Prištine
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    Not in WR world
    It is not straightforward to tell in the poetic context; similar constructs are pretty ubiquitous in Eastern South Slavic (Bulg. and Mac. in particular). See e.g: (and the following section, "Bare subjunctive constructions").

    From the context, I would translate it as subjunctive "if you were..."; a stanza of wishful thinking is broken by the chorus of cruel reality. :)

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