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  1. rushalaim

    rushalaim Senior Member

    Russians say "поехать на Украину".
    Ukrainians say "в Украину" because of politics.
    Please, Serbian-speaking (or other Slavs) people, how do you say, for example "пойти в Сербску Краину" or "на Краину"?
  2. itreius Senior Member

    You can't say na Krajinu in BCS, only u Krajinu. Idem u Ukrajinu, Idem u Krajinu.

    Na is used for things like Idem na koncert or for islands/peninsulas (but not consistently).

    You can however say invazija na Ukrajinu, but that's not direction (in the sense of a person moving to somewhere) and is the same for all countries (invazija na Italiju/Njemačku/etc).
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  3. rushalaim

    rushalaim Senior Member

    What will you say concerning to Russian sentence for example "я иду на окраину села"? Or "ставлю чашку на край стола"?
    Do you mean Serbian has the only form "u Krajinu"?
  4. VelikiMag Senior Member

    Serbian - Montenegro
    Many words in BCS use different preposition than Russian. For example na Kosovo - в Косово or na Krim - в Крым. The first is I believe because the name comes from kosovo polje and polje usually goes with na. The latter is because it is a peninsula.
    Ukrajina and krajina go only with u. Kraj can be with both u and na, depending on its meaning. In your example it would be na kraj stola.

    There was a similar thread some time ago, you may search it and see some other examples there.
  5. EdnoMomche New Member

    It is same in Bulgarian, like in Russian. For example: v teb - na tebi - on you. :)
  6. rushalaim

    rushalaim Senior Member

    You mean "идти на окраину села" or "живу в краю родном"?
    I suppose "на Украину"-phrase is the exception in Russian.
  7. Милан Senior Member

    Novi Sad, Serbia
    Serbian (Србија)
    Ићи на крај села
    Живим у родном крају
  8. DarkChild Senior Member

    V teb means "inside of you"

    U teb = in your posession; in your home

    Na teb = to you

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