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    How would i say
    I haven't been watching the show as lately.
    ne gledam shou(emisiju) nedavno

    because when we use the past tense participle in english serbian uses the single present of the imperfective verb right? for unfinished things
  2. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    Well, it ain't so simple; your example hides a lot of subtle gotchas, both in English and in BCS. Generally, you can use either present or perfect:

    Ne gledam emisiju...
    Nisam gledao emisiju...

    However, choice of temporal adverb dictates the tense here. First, you cannot use nedavno in a negative sentence, because it means more precisely 'at a time'; you cannot say *'I haven't been watching the show at a time. '

    That leaves skoro, odskora and odnedavno as translations for 'lately'.

    I would probably corellate the following translations (but note, I might miss subtle nuances in English, it's not my mother tongue either):

    Nisam gledao emisiju skoro. 'I haven't seen the show recently.' -- simple statement of fact; maybe I like the show but I haven't had the time:

    Ne gledam emisiju odskora. 'I'haven't been watching the show lately' -- has an element of volition: I decided not to watch it, e.g. because it became boring.

    Am I overanalyzing it? :D Sorry.

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