Serbian, Montenegrin (BCS): Milović (Milovic)


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Do you know anything else about the surname Milovic or where I could get more information about the name. My father's name is Michael Milovic. Unfortunatley I've never met him, so I don't know much information of his background. xxx Thanks
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    It sounds to me as a Montenegrin surname. And your father's name was/is probably MIHAJLO or MIHAILO, according it's English version.

    I think it's Montenegrin because normally IC is the suffix that means SON OF what is in front, and MILOVIC would be the son of MILO, which is rather normal name in Montenegro, but not in Serbia.

    I wish you good luck in your search. Hope you find your father soon.:)


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    Hi Antjcar,
    I would tend to agree on the Montenegrin origins. There is a village in Crna Gora called Milovici (from the clan's name?), and another one in Bosna-Hercegovina, but right next to the border.
    Good luck to you.


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    As I said in another thread, Milovic is Serbian last name (I know for sure as it is my mother's maiden name!!!) and there are many families in Herzegovina and Montenegro who bear it. It is entirely different matter whether Montenegrins consider themselves Serbs or not ;) , so in that sense, it could be said that it is Montenegrin or Herzegovian...