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    Hello everybody!

    In dialogs I've listened in different Serbian and Bosnian movies I think that I've heard expressions with the verb "paliti" (to put fire) in the sense of "to go away": mora da palim! - pušti me, pali!

    Is this expression translating a politically correct "go away!" or rather a "fuck off!"? In this second case, the correct option would be "mora da odem" - "da odi!", "marš!"?

    Thanks for your co-operation and have a good week-end!
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  2. VelikiMag Senior Member

    Serbian - Montenegro
    Moram da palim! or just Palim! means - I gotta go!

    Imperative Pali! is a rude order to go - Get outta here! But in a different situation it can also be a permission for someone to leave - Off you go.

    Sometimes it just means a disagreement with someone: Pali brate, narodnjaci su zakon! :cool:
  3. ticegatac New Member

    "Pali!" is a Serbian slang variant of "Hit the road!" or "Beat it!", along with "Briši!", with the same meaning.
  4. chernobyl Member

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    Hi, in my language that word is used pretty much in the same way as in Serbian, so hopefully I can help explain (correct me if I'm wrong).

    "paliti" literally means "to light a fire". Then automobiles came around and with them, a second meaning of the verb was created - "to start the engine". Hence the slang meaning - "take off", "leave".
    It's very informal, but IMO not as strong as a "fuck off".
  5. Lanmi New Member

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    "Pali" as "go away" is probably related to "pali" as "fire your weapon" or "upali" as "start your car/motorbike". It's something between "go away" and "fuck off", which are "odlazi" and "odjebi"
  6. natasha2000

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    All depends on the intonation that follows the expression. It can be as friendly as "You really should set off." and as rude and insulting as "Fuck off." All depends on the way you say it.

    One correction: It is not "Mora da idem", but it is "Moram da idem." ;)
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