Serbian: Proper construction of sentence


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Please how to write properly (sentence in bold) that will be understandable

All this what I am,
talking now, is known to the science.
And this is for me astonishing that
although it all knows and is doing like this..???
I sve to što ja govorim to sve nauka zna.
I to je meni frapantno , da sve zna kako , onda radi ovako.
  • Lazar_Bgd

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    Dear onitamo,

    If the original sentence is in Serbian and you need the translation in English then here is my try:

    And all these things that I am saying are known to the science. And I am astonished that although it knows very well how it is (or: how things are going), it still does it this way.

    By the way, the style of this sentence is not very clear, I guess this is notes from someone's speech.


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    Dear Lazar_BG, I am really happy for your reply.It is the best in context.
    Yes it is from the speech..and it is not so easy to follow her even in our native language because she speaks not like professional speaker but like spontaneous talk with friends at home. Here is the link to the excerpt which I tried to translate to English.
    This sentence, now corrected is on 16:24 in video excerpt My journey into the atom I uploaded it with captions which is easy to change.