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Please help here:
Serbian: kad mu daš informaciju , on je prenosi
English: when you give it information it regurgitates (it was suggestion from a friend. I don't feel it is the right word..)
is this OK?
when you give it information it transmits it

"Znači um je bukvalno ovca. Šta mu kažeš on to radi.
Nema svesti, ovca, dibidus. Totalno.
To sam se nasmejala, reko, vidi on je stvarno ovca.
znaš, isto. Pa da.
zašto? zato što kad ti njemu baciš informaciju, on je prenosi.
  • Lazar_Bgd

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    Dear onitamo,

    Actually this is a very good translation because it highlights the fact that the information is transmitted blindly and automatically. "Transmit" is the correct translation of the word "prenositi" but in this context 'regurgitate' is more to the point.


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    Thank you, very much, Lazar_Bgd,
    it was my aversion to this word because I found translation "povraćati" "izbljuvati" and this was another meaning for me..

    I am now little confused because in previous lines it was used transmit but it was used that carbons transmit information,
    and friend left transmit there (he was checking my English..)
    here is complete part of talk :

    "I said how mind functions. By looking at what the other is doing.
    Carbons, take this picture of carbons, and how they are arranged.
    Now, the light falls on one, also, light, consciousness brings some information and they all transmit it,
    this is where the energy appears.
    So the energy is at ego level, on carbon.
    Now they transmit one and the same, as you give them information, they transmit it."


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    Dear Onitamo,

    Yes, this is all right because in this case 'transmit' has a neutral meaning, it doesn't imply that this information should be understood or anything else done with it.

    Maybe we should first look at the meaning of the word 'regurgitate' in English. One of its meanings is: Repeat (information) without analysing or comprehending it. For example: ‘facts which can then be regurgitated at examinations’.

    (Regurgitate | Definition of Regurgitate by Lexico)

    Your first example sounds like slight criticism because the mind is compared to a sheep: the mind just transmits the information without really understanding it or whatever else is expected. This is why the word 'regurgitate' betters transmits this nuance. (There is no particular word in Serbian for this, at least I can't think of one right now).

    In your second example the activity of the mind is described neutrally, it does what it is supposed to be doing so the word 'transmit' is fine.

    Of course, the word transmit in your first example would also be totally OK, it's just that there wouldn't be this tiny nuance.