Serbian: sede vlasi

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  1. kloie Senior Member

    I would like to know what sede vlasi meaans.

    S: Da li su prvi znak starenja sede vlasi, bore ili nešto treće?
    - Bore su prvi znak starenja, a potom kada drugi primećuju da nije prikladno to što steu prostoru za mlade. (Smeh)

    thanks in advance!
  2. kloie Senior Member

    Could it be grey(gray) hairs?
  3. kloie Senior Member

    ok I looked in one of my dictionaries and it says seda kosa so I can say sede kose and sede vlasi
  4. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    Vlas ili dlaka is a single hair, while kosa is collective noun for entire hair on your head; technically, sede kose is plural (several people's hairs), but it is often used to refer just to a single gray hair, somewhat poetically.

    Vlas is a "nicer" word than dlaka (one would find dlaka in a soup or bathtube sink, but a vlas still on one's head). Dlaka can also refer to animals' hair or fur.
  5. kloie Senior Member

    Thanks you very much Duya I must have 19 or so books for reading and learning serbian and croatian and I also often read interviews on sites to learn so again thanks.
  6. mmbata

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    It simply means that someone is growing older, and as Duya said it sounds pretty poetic.
    By the way, your Serbian/Croatian is excellent :)

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