Serbo-Croatian: nj, lj

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In Latin alphabet letters љ and њ are transliterated as lj and nj. Can't these letters also mean лj and нj ? Can in Serbian (and other Balcan languages) letter "j" be after "л" and "н"?
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  • The Latin counterparts to the Cyrillic љ and њ are supposed to be digraphs just as in the Cyrillic alphabet and they have their entries in Unicode (lj and nj), but they're not used in practice. What's done instead is they're written as two consecutive letters.

    There are indeed many cases where a "j" can appear after an "l" or an "n" without it representing a single phoneme. That's why transliterating from Latin to Cyrillic is not entirely straightfoward for Serbo-Croatian unlike the other way around.
    There are probably words of foreign origin where nj is pronounced n+j like injekce in Czech or инъекция in Russian, anjel in Slovak, etc. But some Czechs say even iňekce (инекция) :rolleyes:.
    Can you give the examples?
    Инјекција but like Czechs some Serbs say ињекција or инекција.
    We also have конјункција, конјуктивитис, анјон, конјугација
    For лј I didn't find anything

    And I forgot Бенјамин Нетанјаху. :)
    Yes. Nobody says Beňamin Netaňahu. :)

    But a simple conversion programme could transscript Benjamin Netanjahu to Бењамин Нетањаху.
    I have found examples in Macedonian. "Пред ј не се пишува љ: волја, фотелја, Билјана, Лилјана, неволја, крилја, илјада"
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