1. Chadner Member

    Portuguese - Brazil
    A friend of mine spent some years in America, living with all sorts of south and central americans, one of which was a El Salvadorenho, who used to call people - "Serrotes" (could be cerrote)... Anybody knows what on earth does that mean?
  2. Ely_wochifem

    Ely_wochifem Member

    i knew that "Cerro" is "hill" in english, but, "Cerrote!" maybe a big hill...? i don't know any translation for "Serrotes"
  3. Chadner Member

    Portuguese - Brazil
    Wow, thanks for the quickest reply...

    He would say they were all Serrotes, got it? Like you are a Serrote, he is a Cerrote, etc.

    We just don't know if it's spelled with a C or S
  4. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    "Serote" is a Salvadorean word for turd.
  5. Chadner Member

    Portuguese - Brazil
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh nice!

    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

    Huahuahaua, that sure explains a little hehehe
  6. Span_glish Senior Member

    New York
    Guatemala, Spanish
  7. The word cerote in El Salvador means "piece of shit". Actually, a solid "piece of shit". Like everywhere, it depends how you say it and under what circumstances you say it to be offensive or not. It is considered a very vulgar expression.
  8. tame1999 Member

    South Jersey
    United States and English
    anyone happen to know how cerote would be broken down morfologically?
  9. lapachis8 Senior Member

    El Defectuoso

    Se escribe con c:


    (De cera).

    1. m. Mezcla de pez y cera, o de pez y aceite, que usan los zapateros para encerar los hilos con que cosen el calzado.
    2. m. coloq. miedo (perturbación angustiosa del ánimo).

    3. m. coloq. C. Rica, El Salv., Guat. y Nic. Excremento sólido.

    4. m. El Salv. y Nic. U. como ofensa o insulto.

    5. m. coloq. Ven. Suciedad acumulada en algunas partes del cuerpo.

    Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

    En México también tiene el uso marcado en rojo.
  10. lapachis8 Senior Member

    El Defectuoso

    When in doubt... the dictionary is the best help.
  11. east31st New Member

    English US & Castilian Guatemala
    "Cerote" is most certainly NOT a Salvadorean word. It is a 100% Guatemalan word used to say is "assh*le" or "m*therf*cker". It's literal translation is "turd" because the wax (cera) used to wax the thread used by cobblers resembled a turd for its color and shape. That is how "cera" became "cerote" (large wax).
  12. Ely_wochifem

    Ely_wochifem Member

    I agree. I'm living in USA and I have a couple salvadorean friends and they explained to me that "cerote" means: "piece of shit". It's really funny in my country a way to say it, is: "pedazo de mierda" or "mojón" but that's extremely vulgar and uneducated.
  13. Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin Senior Member

    Sounds very logical to me.
  14. cipotarebelde Senior Member

    El Salvador
    USA English
    I don't know what makes a word NOT Salvadoran, but 100% Guatemalan. Pero si puedo decir con 100% seguridad que la oigo todos los días. Aveces como insulto, pero en realidad, la escucho más entre amigos que lo dicen como en los 80s decíamos "dude", sin ni una pizca de ofensa. Aún así, todos concuerdan que quiere decir "piece of hard crap".
  15. Alec Haskins Senior Member

    Argentina Spanish-English
    The funny thing is that in this part of the world the word we use to mean the same is "sorete", and this has nothing to do with wax or whatever!

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