Servant/servant's/sevants' quarters


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I want to know the correct usage of servant/servant's/sevants' quarters.

I live in a servant/servant's quarters.

These are sevants' quarters.

This is sevants' quarters.

Please tell me, where I am right and where I am wrong.
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    First, pay attention to the spelling of the noun: servant.

    Possessives confuse even a lot of native speakers. I would go with the plural the servants' quarters, especially if there are multiple servants in the household. You could make a case for the singular if you are the only servant in the house: the servant's quarters.

    I can't think of a situation where this would have the indefinite article, so stick with "the."

    I live in the servants' quarters.

    These are the servants' quarters.

    "Quarters" in this sense is always plural.


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    Context, context ....

    I am going round a great house.
    Me "These bedrooms seem very small."
    Guide "Oh yes. These are servants' quarters. They don't need big rooms."
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