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Sophie Nomade

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Hello to everybody,

I'm revising a text about the Belgian "service voucher" system. This system works as follows: any person willing to get housework services can buy vouchers at the price of 7 euros per voucher from the company in charge of the administration of the system. The consumer chooses a registered provider. Every hour of service provided is then paid with one voucher. Finally, the provider returns the vouchers to the company in charge of the administration of the system and receives 20 euros – 7 euros paid by the consumer and an additional public subsidy of 13.30 euros - to cover all the costs associated with one hour of housework (wages, social security contributions, training and supervision of the worker, transportation costs, etc.). Sorry for this long introduction, but I didn't know how to provide a shorter summary to explain the context!

So, in this context, the authors speak about what they call "service governance", and they define this notion (see below). A search on "service governance" with Google seems to give mostly results related to computer software development, so I wondered whether we could use the term service governance (as said, the definition is provided) or whether this term would be confusing for an English speaker, because too closely related to another field. What do you think for example of the two excerpts below?

In the Belgian service voucher system, the worker must be employed by an organization; the employer supervises the worker and the client, and their bilateral relationship. We thus define, in the present paper, the service governance as the triangular relationship built between the employer organization, the user and the worker.

We define the service governance as the relationships built up between the three parties involved in the service: the user, the worker and the employer.

Thank you very much in advance for your help! J
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    If you carefully define service governance when it is first encountered, then I don't see any reason for not using this term. Though if someone can come up with an equivalent term that is more natural in English ...


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    Hi Sohie

    Here, the term governance seemed fine to me. You can make any word mean what you want it to mean if you define it properly:D

    I would, however, have omitted "the" before "service governance".

    Then I saw this thread of yours, which includes the sentence:

    They also transpose some dimensions of home care service governance to the "service voucher" governance, thus raising the quality of the latter.
    I think 'governance' sounds very strange here: I would say "the 'service voucher' system". I might say "some aspects of the home care service system"; I'd be more likely to say "some aspects of home care service provision".

    It all makes me worry that "governance" may not be right in your definitions section:(

    Or :idea:: perhaps you can translate the same word as 'governance' some of the time, but as something else on other occasions?

    Sophie Nomade

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    Thank you, Loob. :)

    What about then a solution including your suggestion but saying that the said aspects are aspects linked to service governance? My sentence is not very nice but I'm confident that someone here could help me to improve it - this forum is really fatastic! :)

    They also transpose some service governance-related aspects of the home care service provision to the service voucher provision, thus raising the quality of service governance in this latter branch of activity.
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