service structure versus gantry


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The minutes drain away (the way my mind is draining away, Gwendy can’t help thinking). At T-minus 40, Becky tells them the service structure is retracting on its gigantic rails. At T-minus 35, Becky announces, “Fuel loading has commenced. All systems remain nominal.”
source: Gwendy’s last task by Stephen King

are the terms service structure and gantry the same at the space launch pad?

Thank you.
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    I would not be at all surprised if the "official" name is "service structure". Outside observers may call it a gantry, because that is the thing it most closely resembles in most people's experience.


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    You also have to keep in mind when dealing with Stephen King that he likes to use words in unusual ways. So it could just be his idea to say that.

    Gantry has a specific entry in the dictionary relating to rocketry:


    3. Rocketry - a frame consisting of scaffolds on various levels used to erect vertically launched rockets and spacecraft.