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  1. DaisyFL

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    Can someone tell me how to say servicer in Spanish. I know how to say lender, but this is not the same thing. How would you express it?


  2. cubaMania Senior Member

    Of course it will depend, as always, upon the context in which the word is used, which unfortunately you do not supply us. But this might help you.
    The U.S. federal government's student loan website call a "loan servicer" an "entidad administradora de pr'estamos".
    See both the English and Spanish versions of the terminology here:
  3. DaisyFL

    DaisyFL Senior Member

    Spanish, English - Cuba
    Thank you for your reply. That helps me. The content is basically that the servicer may be notifying the client of a potential foreclosure. This translation is perfect. Thank u so much. Daisy

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