services à la personne

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  1. jjjbec Senior Member

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    One last question I promise!

    ANy ideas for translation of the phrase... services a la personne?

    personal services seems too direct!
  2. Questionnert Member

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    But that's what it is, dear.

    Maybe try "services for individuals"

    But that's really ugly.
  3. The Scrivener Banned

    On the "naughty step".
    England. English
    Personal help.?
  4. Made in Québec

    Made in Québec Member

    Calgary, AB, Canada
    Français, QC, Canada
    Are you talking about "caring professions"?
  5. Kelly B

    Kelly B Senior Member

    USA English
    What, specifically, does the phrase mean in your context?
  6. Xolaam Member

    France / french
    Pour l'équivalent est "human service"

    L'expression "services d'aide à la personne" est davantage employée quand elle concerne les personnes dépendantes.
  7. jieriomka New Member

    English (UK) /French (F)
  8. franc 91 Senior Member

    English - GB
    we also say home helps (for the people who do it)

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