ses moyens lui permettant ce luxe


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I have problem translating this passage into English; would appreciate if someone can help. Here is the context it's being a part of:

mais il voulait se faire servir désormais par un homme , ses moyens lui permettant ce luxe : les bêtes avaient été assez longtemps
les esclaves des hommes, il était temps que cela changeât.

Here is my take on it: "his means to allow him this luxury". But it doesn't sound right
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    "ce luxe" here is a metaphor to express how good it would be to be served by a human.

    "ce luxe" is used to talk about something usually out of reach.

    Like in :
    "Il s'est payé le luxe d'avoir une piscine dans son jardin."
    Having a swimming-pool in his garden is relatively expensive, it's consider as a luxury (at least from what 'he' earns for a living)

    On the other hand "ses moyens" express everything that he has to get that luxury (= getting served by a human).

    It could be his money, his influence, his relations, his physical appearance (having what he wants by force).

    => He has what it takes to have what he wants (even a luxury, which not everyone can afford)

    Hope it's clearer ;)
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