Ses oreilles sont à moitié décollées (violence)

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Good afternoon. I have to translate a text about a man who was beaten to death. Very violent:"Sa mâchoire est fracturée. Ses oreilles sont à moitié décollées. Il a le sternum enfoncé, le coeur éclaté." How do you translate "ses oreilles sont à moitié décollées"? What about "his ears are half pulled out"? And for "le coeur éclaté", what about "his heart was smashed in"? Thanks for your answers.
  • french4beth

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    Hi Nicko,

    How unfortunate!

    I would suggest:
    "His ears are nearly ripped off/torn off" (however, in English, you're not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition).
    I was thinking of the verb 'to sever,' but this could imply cutting.
    (to pull out = if your car goes into a ditch, the tow truck pulls it out)

    "... his heart is/has ruptured" meaning that it burst.
    (smash in - smash in a car window or headlight)

    "his sternum is/has been crushed"
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