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I by chance encounter this document:, and wonder what "set a problem" means here, whether this phrase is equivalent to the verb "to question" or "to introduce an issue". Actually it seems to me that this phrase is quite close to a Vietnamese phrase in terms of words and meaning, but maybe this is just a feeling.

Thank you in advance.

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The document is titled "ERG 3910 Research Methodology."

The topics are presented in outline form:
How to set a problem and solve it
Why is there a need to set a problem?
Most problems are initially expressed using natural language.
Engineers need to translate them so that they can use engineering tools (computers, circuits, etc...) to “solve” them.

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  • The passage, or title is on p. 8. It seems to mean 'setting up' the problem and perhaps checking the set-up. Perhaps 'finalizing the chosen formulation of the problem' is a paraphrase.

    The previous pages are all about how to formulate a problem, and this page seems to be about the last stage before trying to find a solution.


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    "Set" is used a little differently in BE. In crossword puzzles, for example, the people who create them are called setters in BE, constructors in AE.

    Like SDG, I would take "set" in the present case to mean "present".
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