set on the 5th January


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"we'd love to invite you to do the design test which, as discussed, we will set on the 5th January"

Je n'arrive pas à savoir si cette phrase veux dire que le test aura lieu le 5 ou si ils vont decider d'une date le 5?
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    I take it to mean 'aura lieu' as per this definition from the SET: Give someone (a task or test) to do:schools will begin to set mock tests.
    I think it would say "we will set for the 5th.." is they meant "ils vont decider d'une date"


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    I understand your uncertainty, SteAgate. As written, the sentence could mean that the test will take place on 5 Jan, or that the examiners will prepare the test (set the questions) on 5 Jan, or that the decision on the date will be taken on 5 Jan. However, the context suggests that the first meaning ('aura lieu') is most probably the intended one, because an invitation to a candidate is unlikely to include either of the other pieces of information.

    It seems to me to be a badly written sentence. "We'd love to invite you to do the design test on the 5th of January" would be much clearer.

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