Set the counts full scale to the logarithmic scale

De Falco

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italy italien
Hello everybody,
somebody can help me?
I' m try to translate from English to Italian one handbook of gamma ray spectroscopy.
But I don't understand the meaning of this sentence:
"Set the counts full scale to the logarithmic scale and the conversion gain to 1,024"
Thanks in advance for your help,
Have a nice day
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    Hello De Falco
    Let's see what we can do.
    It seems as though it is a very shortened sentence for instructions on how to prepare for a measurement of a sample.
    (perhaps you might confirm that?)

    Let's divide up the sentence:

    Set the counts - this means that the operator needs to make an adjustment (with a knob or on a computer screen) of the amplitude of the number of gamma rays that are "counted". HERE is a nice graph of "frequency" of the gamma rays (X axis) versus "COUNTS" (y axis). The operator would adjust something so that the graph wouldn't be too small (couldn't see it) or too large (so the counts would go above the graph and couldn't be interpreted).

    full scale - so that they can all be seen without going over the top of the scale.

    to the logarithmic scale - this is just the type of scale, it could be linear or logarithmic on this particular machine.

    and the conversion gain to 1,024 - "coversion gain" would be some method of amplifying the gamma ray signal so that it is interpretable.

    Here's something very ugly that you can improve on:
    Fissi l'ampiezza del conteggio di in grande scala sulla scala logaritmica e il guadagno di conversione a 1.024.

    De Falco

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    italy italien
    Thank you very much for your help!
    Yes they are experiment for gamma ray!
    Maybe you can help me just one more time....
    What's one photopeak and how I can translete it in Italian?
    Thanks in advance
    Have a nice day