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Hi everybody,
What does "set to" mean in the sentence below?
"Stage plays have been set to music since the era of ancient Greeks."
Thank you,
  • Biffo

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    /sɛt/ vb (sets, setting, set)(mainly tr)
    • to put or place in position or into a specified state or condition: to set a book on the table, to set someone free
    • (also intr; followed by to or on) to put or be put (to); apply or be applied: he set fire to the house, they set the dogs on the scent
    • to put into order or readiness for use; prepare: to set a trap, to set the table for dinner
    • (also intr) to put, form, or be formed into a jelled, firm, fixed, or rigid state: the jelly set in three hours
    • (also intr) to put or be put into a position that will restore a normal state: to set a broken bone
    • to adjust (a clock or other instrument) to a position
    • to determine or establish: we have set the date for our wedding
    • to prescribe or allot (an undertaking, course of study, etc): the examiners have set ``Paradise Lost''
    • to arrange in a particular fashion, esp an attractive one: she set her hair, the jeweller set the diamonds in silver
    • Also: set to music to provide music for (a poem or other text to be sung)
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