[set up] on a blind date

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The quotation comes from BBC UK China - 潮流英語 - Love on a laptop? 網上尋真愛

Quotation: In the past, love may have blossomed in the workplace or in the pub and some brave individuals may even have agreed to be set up on a blind date. But nowadays, busy lifestyles and the popularity of online social networking have changed our attitudes towards romance.
Hi everyone! What does "set (someone) up" mean here? I failed to find a good definition.
  • Keith Bradford

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    It means to organise.

    E.g: Mary and Jane are sisters. Jane has no boyfriend, so Mary arranges for her to meet John, a boy she works with but that Jane does not know. She sets Jane up on a blind date with John. She sets a blind date up for Mary. Mary has agreed to being set up on a blind date.
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