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  1. trainer3000 Banned

    "To master anything, you are bound too have setbacks.".
    from Play Winning Chess
    what is serback here?
    Thanks in advance
  2. pops91710

    pops91710 Senior Member

    In this case it means:
    a check to progress; a reverse or defeat.
  3. trainer3000 Banned

    Itt is very diffficult to translate.

    What about 'slight harm' and 'small defeat'?
  4. hyperstriker New Member

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  5. PaulQ

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    A setback is something that sets back some sort of progress. To set back = to delay; to impede. A setback is usually negative.
  6. JustKate

    JustKate Moderate Mod

    It doesn't really mean "obstacle" - I don't use it that way, at least. A setback can be small or it can be large, but what it means is "defeat" or "change for the worse." While it isn't usually used for really major defeats - Waterloo was more than a "setback" for Napolean - a setback can be pretty much any size from small to medium large, and the idea is that it's a defeat that it's possible to overcome.

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  7. Egmont Senior Member

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    I agree that a setback is not an obstacle. An obstacle is something that prevents progress. If you do not overcome the obstacle, you may have a setback.

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