Settlement my arse, let's slot floppies

Discussion in 'English Only' started by WinG_HU, Sep 1, 2011.

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    I've always thought that my English is fine. Well, it seems I was wrong, since I have no idea, what this is supposed to mean:

    "Settlement my arse, let's slot floppies"

    I found it on a Rhodesian (former Zimbabwe) military T-shirt.

    Will some explain me what it means? :)


  2. Beryl from Northallerton Senior Member

    British English
    Do you have any idea as to what that may mean?
  3. WinG_HU Member

    I know it is something rude (sorry about that), but I cannot understand the meaning. I know arse mean ass, but what the hell is 'settlement my ass'?

    According to urban dictionary, floppies means teenager girls, and slot may mean vagina and to kill in British military slang, but I'm pretty sure they didn't want to kill teenage girls.

    Even searching "slot floppies" on Google gives results that are in connection with this T-shirt or the Rhodesian army.

    Sorry again, I didn't mean to troll this forum, as you have already helped me a lot of times.
  4. exgerman Senior Member

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    Given the Rhodesian context, settlement my ass means "No negotiated peace settlement with the blacks". [Anything] my ass means "I disagree with Anything", "I think Anything's nonsense", "it's not a real Anything", etc.

    Again, in the Rhodesian military context, slot may well mean kill, but I'm not at all sure about that.

    Floppies probably refers to Rhodesian floppy hats.

    The bottom line is that the wearer is advertising that he disagrees with the negotiated handover of power in 1979 and is suggesting that "slotting floppies", whatever that may be, would be a better use of his time.
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  5. WinG_HU Member

    Thanks a lot! Now everything's clear. Too bad I can't give positives on this site :)

    It makes sense now, the first line means exactly what you wrote.

    Since I wrote my first post, I found what floppy means. Well, in Rhodesian context its meaning is pretty similar to that of the N-word. They called those blacks floppies who were members of the Communist ZAPU/ZANU forces who wanted to get rid of the white minority rule. But it didn't cover all blacks in Rhodesia, as many were fighting against the Communists together with the white guys. But it's a bit off-topic :D

    Thanks again,
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  6. Kentavr New Member

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    Some of the replies are close. Basically it means "No to the end of the war (and peaceful settlement), lets kill terrorists."

    I knew quite a few ex Rhodesian guys that came down to South Africa. The Rhodesian forces were some of the best in the worls - no exaggeration there, and could have kept the country indefinitely, but Britain and the international community wanted an end to the bush war. It was South Africa's nervousness at getting caught up in sanctions convinced the Rhodesians that the game was up. Was it the right thing to do? Well, if they had known that Zimbabawe would risen out of the Rhodesian ashes they would have thought twice!

    The Rhodesians were known as 'Whenwees' in SA as they always started a sentence with "When we were in Rhodesia...."

    Hope that helps!
  7. haltomont New Member

    "slot floppies" was Rhodesian army slang for "shoot insurgents" although the term "floppies" refered more precisely to people of colour.
  8. natkretep

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  9. RM1(SS)

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    Buddy of mine who spent a year in the Rhodesian armed forces back in the '70s told me that "floppies" were dead bodies.
  10. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

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    Cassell's Dictionary of Slang (Jonathon Green, 2005) has this entry:

    floppy n2 [1970s+] (S.Afr.) a derog. term for a Black person. [orig. Rhodesian milit. use, one who 'flops down dead' when hit by bullets; the targets of such bullets were invariably Black]

    This seems to be consistent with recently suggested meanings, post #7 and post #9.
  11. ImanAzol New Member

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    There were a large number of black members of the Rhodesian forces, including among the elite Selous Scouts.

    When the "transition" occurred, the SAS and Selous Scouts moved into the bush, and made regular runs into Harare and Bulawayo to rescue businessmen, diplomats and politicians whose lives were endangered by the new government, and smuggled them to the SA border. When they finally decided they could do no more good, they radioed South Africa with approximately, "We wish to defect and become a reconnaissance commando unit for you. Our black troops come with us. This is not subject to negotiation."

    Apartheid South Africa immediately said, "Yes."

    As far as "slotting floppies," by definition, the great majority of everyone in the neighboring nations were black. Race had nothing to do with with war. No actual people of any color were harmed. They only killed Communists.

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