Setwale doubles the charm

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Setwale charm has reached a double postversary with another intriguingly vague request for definition. An at times fascinating exercise in deduction for all.

  • Eso digo yo: Von Frau zu Frau!!

    I don't think it is so difficult to recognize a woman, we have such a bad character!!! hehehehe

    Now this came up when I googled "weird women", this really makes you think!!

    We are so much more like this, aren't we, Charmy?! (I'm the little one!! hehehe)
    Wonderful Setwale Charm! Your posts are among those I always look forward to reading! Thank you.
    De una isla misteriosa
    Siempre envuelta por la bruma,
    Llega la voz de la Diosa
    Y todo lo demás...¡se esfuma!

    ¡Felicitaciones Setwale_charm! Y...

    :) !Sigue encantándonos!:)

    Mateamargo, el embrujáu
    Sorry,missed your birthday Charming, congrats and hope to see you soon
    G'day Setwale,
    You make me think.
    ...........To Think
    I am therefore I think I know
    I know therefore I think I am
    I am therefore I know I think
    I think I am therefore I know
    I know I am therefore I think
    I think therefore I know I am

    The UN must be really broke when they hire one translator and make her learn all languages. :eek: Anyway, at least they picked the right one. :)
    Oh yes, yes, I am aware of the existence of this thread there, just always desperately short of time to give adequate thanks to everybody.

    .,, I am not sure this is quite a compliment but nevertheless, thank you for noticing my postiversary. I didn`t think anybody would.

    Heidita, I am not sure, I am golden blond and therefore, I am going to contest your right of first choice.

    Mateamargo, tomare tiempo para entender completamente el sentido profundo de la poema:)

    Kajjo, mein lang gehegter Traum ist dich in Punkten einzuholen:D

    Hakro, nothing is capable of killing my love for Finnish!

    .,, I will need a couple of pints to penetrate into that.

    Karine, {setweil}

    Jana, this is only because certain members are not prompt with their membership payments:D. This is why, although not being an actual translator, I still have to do all the work myself.

    And a big big thanks to all of you for the warmth, kindness and help that you give and the fascination of the forum which is created with your hands, heads, tongues and keyboards.
    .,, I am not sure this is quite a compliment but nevertheless, thank you for noticing my postiversary. I didn`t think anybody would.
    When I want to insult you I may let you know.;)
    This is for real. A postversary is no place for insults.
    You sometimes hurt my brain but if I thought that you were just a waste of space I would simply ignore you.
    Thank goodnes for people like you to kake this journey just that little bit less boring.

    See ya mate,