Seventeen people were killed at the hands of (the) 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz

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When reporting such incidents, do I have to omit the definite article?


Seventeen people lost their lives in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting at the hands of (the) 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz who wielded a semi-automatic rifle equipped with a bump stock and multiple magazines. Cruz was known as a gun-advocate and made multiple remarks in the past that should have been cause for major concerns. He had behavioral issues since middle school and was banished from the school in 2017 for disciplinary reasons.
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    Thank you.

    To answer your question, in general, we don't use a definite article [the] with the name of the person. If you weren't identifying him by name, you would use 'the': hands of the 19-year-old who wielded a semi-automatic.....
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