seventeen trillion times

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"Do you think MissLevy was really cross with me?" I asked Soph.
"Indie, you've asked us that seventeen trillion times," grinned Soph.

Is seventeen trillion times idiomatic? Or does it just mean numerous times blurted out by a teenager without thinking?

By the way, if a girl was named Indie, what connotations or hints do you have in your mind? Thanks.
  • elroy

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    "Seventeen trillion" is a very large number, used here in an exaggerated manner. Yes, the idea is that the question has been asked "numerous times."

    I don't associate any particular connotations with the name "Indie."


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    It just means "numerous times". People also say "a million times" and that has the same meaning, they're just exaggerating to have more of an effect.

    I'm not sure what the name Indie means... but it makes me think of the Indiana Jones movies! :) I think it's just a nickname for India or Indiana.
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