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I am translating a bit from a request for termiantion of employment relationship,

I am not sure whether to use to pay severance, to make severance payment, or to pay severance allowance



On _______ 2012, I received a notice of termination of employment relationship in accordance with Section 63 (1) (b) of Act No. 311/2001 Coll., Labor Code, as amended (the “Labor Code”). Pursuant to Section 76 (2) of the Labor Code, I request you to terminate the employment relationship by agreement as of ________ and to pay severance in the amount corresponding to a multiple of my average monthly salary and a number of months for which the notice period would last, in my case 6 months, and to pay this in the next payment period following the termination of employment relationship.
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    "To pay severance" seems okay. Severance pay is a payment made by the employer voluntarily, as a matter of company policy, or as a contractual obligation, when an employee is separated from his/her employment (with certain exceptions such as, perhaps, dismissal for cause).
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