Sevme dedin ama naapim, seviyorum

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  1. kwebbeltje New Member

    Can anyone give me the translation of following sentence please, in english or's rather urgent...;-)
    Thank you very much :D

    Sevme dedin ama naapim, seviyorum
  2. onal New Member

    It uses a distorted grammer.
    You told me not to fall in love with me, but I'm sorry, I did.
  3. kwebbeltje New Member

    Thanx onal, what do yo mean with distorted grammer...and what does the translation mean, because it's weird...because I'll rather aspect ' love with you'...
  4. onal New Member

    Actually, not the whole grammar, but the word, "naapim" is distorted. It must be "ne yapayım", meaning "what can i do".
    Eheh, since it's reported speech, you's and me's could be confusing. After revising, actually I realised that there is no fall in love "with you" or "with me" issue. Just, don't fall in love, or don' love.
    "you told me not to love(who?what? not defined), but I'm sorry, I love"
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  5. Guner

    Guner Senior Member

    "You told me not to fall in love, yet I did."
    "You told me not to, yet what can I do but falling in love."
    "You told me not to, yet what can I do ? I am in love!"

    Or literally (but not so correctly):
    "You told me not to love, but what can I do? I am in love."

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