sewage works


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Context is a large african city, where there are sewage works.

"When a storm breaks on the coast, one of the very best places to see birds is the municipal sewage works."

Le dictionnaire donne "champ d'épandage" pour sewage works.
S'agit-il de la "décharge" ?
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    Dictionary gives this :

    ◆ sewage farm noun : champ m d'épandage

    ◆ sewage works noun
    = sewage farm

    But a champ d'épandage is an agricultural area where they spread all kind of things to fertilize.
    Here, this is some kind of urban system, but which one ?


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    "Sewage works" in everyday language is a "sewage treatment plant" in more official terms. Our local "sewage works" is "une station d'épuration des eaux", as SwissPete said.
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