1. blueartemis4 New Member

    English - United States
    Sexion D'Assaut is the name of a French rap group I really like, but I don't understand the name of the group. The best translation I could come up with was "Section Assault." Is that correct? Is it alluding to anything specific?
  2. petit1 Senior Member

    français - France
    It is just the way they write "section".
    In the army "section d'assaut" is "attack platoon" I think.
  3. snarkhunter

    snarkhunter Senior Member

    France, Région parisienne
    French - France
    It's only an anything-but-subtle way of mixing up "attack platoon" and "sex" in French. You can expect such playword level from most rap bands. You just don't get as brilliant and witty as - say - Oscar Wilde just because you have decided to!

    ... And, by the way, welcome to this forum!
  4. Biguineur Senior Member

    Or storm troop ? Assault unit ?
  5. Eminderala Member

    Québec, Canada
    Canada, French
    I agree with snarkhunter. Sexion... is just a made up word to mix two others which are in this case : Sexe + Section with the imagery of Assault.

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