sexual embodiment


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I am doing some translation, and while at it, I encountered the term "sexual embodiment" that can be found in google, yet I cannot find any clear definition.

I understand it has a lot to do with gender/sex discrepancy, and thought of it as "physical sex", but I do want to do justice to its meaning, had it happen it was a broader one. Or maybe a different one altogether..

Anyone knowing the term & its meaning?
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    In addition to being a different phrase, the usage is only a keyword for an abstract, not a use in a full sentence. It is not a useful context.


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    Unfortunately I do not have any full sentence with the term (it is only listed).
    Googling I have found these links I believe to describe the same idea:

    this is from google books (in case it does not link to the page, its 490, sorry for trouble):

    and this an abstract:

    I have nothing better to point to.
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