sezione di una mostra


Hi everybody!

I'm not sure how to translate the word "sezione" in relation to "sezione di una mostra" and specifically in the following sentence:

Following my proposal for an ‘international’ section in last year’s exhibition, I have been invited again to take part in the coordinating committee for (exhibition title).
Whilst the exhibition’s general framework will feature various topics related to the concept of "mirror", such as, the double, the reflection, the virtual reality, etc., I will curate a specific section dedicated to African culture.

(I'm not entirely sure about the other parts in red either)...I'd really appreciate if anybody could help me!!

Many thanks in advance,


  • Hi,

    I think your use of "section" is fine - you might also use "division".
    I prefer "I have been again invited" or "Again, I have been invited" - but it is a personal preference.
    While the exhibition's general framework will feature...
    While the exhibition will feature...

    I will be the curator of a specific section...