Sfârșitul lumii biblie/biblia sfârșitul lumii/sfârșitul lumii în biblie

Lucy 234

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Hi all,
Are "sfarsitul lumii biblie", "biblia sfarsitul lumii" and "sfarsitul lumii in biblie " all grammatically correct? Can they express the meaning of "the end of the world in the bible"?
If not, how should I understand them?
  • Haji Firouz

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    "sfarsitul lumii biblie" literally means "end of the world bible", it's incorrect.
    Sfârşitul lumii conform bibliei - end of the world according to the bible would make more sense.

    Again, "biblia sfarsitul lumii" is just a "crowding" of words: it means "bible end of the world".
    "Bible: the end of the world" may be a book's title. Biblia: sfârşitul lumii.

    "Sfarsitul lumii in biblie" (the end of the world in the Bible) is the only grammatically correct expression per se of all three you posted. Prepositions help.

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