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  1. fixifex Member

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    "SFR-Bescheinigung" >> context: "Dieses Schreiben ist keine SFR-Bescheinigung" the last line of the body text of a letter from an auto insurance company
    After some extensive searching, I discovered that SFR is an abbreviation for "Schadenfreiheitsrabatt" >> "no claims bonus" (meaning a bonus for having a perfect driving record free of insurance claims).

    Is "no claims bonus" correct?
  2. Sepia Senior Member

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    At least you have understood it right.

    But basically you are in the German forum and asking us if "no claims bonus" is the right expression in English, your own native language - have I understood that right?

    OK, at least in BE, that is what they call it. You tell me if AE has a different expression for it.
  3. fixifex Member

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    Thanks for providing confirmation of BE at least. Basically the reason I have posted this is to leave a record of this term in wordreference, since there wasn't one before, so I very much appreciate that you answered in confirmation.
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    We were asked if no claims bonus is correct translation of Schadenfreiheitsrabatt. This is as much a question about German as it is about English.

    And the answer is yes.

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