shade and shadow

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    Ambos son sombra pero:
    shade= lugar/ matiz que da sombra
    shadow= es la sombra en si (tu sombra)
    Espero ayude.


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    Is there any difference between "shade" and "shadow"?

    Shade is a place partly sheltered from the sun.

    A shadow is an area of darkness created by something/somebody intercepting the light and projecting an image on the ground.

    All sounds too technical to me but I can't think of an easier way of describing the difference. Anyone else care to have a try?

    In any event I hope this helps.

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    Shade is a shadow that provides shelter from the sun. It has a neutral to positive connotation.

    Shadow has a neutral connotation (the shadow of the tree, etc.)-neither good nor bad; or has a bad connotation (Hitler cast a shadow over Europe).

    There can be shadows during the day or night, but you would not speak of there being shade at night.