Shaggy (textura vegetal)

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    Amigos, me complica un poco traducir al español la palabra "shaggy" en el contexto de textura de troncos.

    No tengo mayor contexto, salvo que se trata de la descripción botánica de un ciruelo, ejemplo: Size: Medium; Texture: Shaggy; Lenticels: Abundant, etc.

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    Es curioso porque "shaggy" se refiere a pelo o lana y yo nunca he sabido de un tronco que tenga esa característica.

    "Rizado"? "rugoso"?:confused:

    No me cuadra.. :(
  3. Biffo Senior Member

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    Please give the botanical (Latin) name of the plum tree. This might help to find a picture. I suspect it is the foliage that is being described as 'shaggy'.
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    In fact, there are cherry trees that have 'shaggy' bark (I would call it 'peeling bark' because the bark peels off in thin layers to reveal shiny, new bark underneath. Google 'prunus serrula' - most of the pictures show the shiny, new bark, and the 'Lenticels' which are also in your description, appc). While the bark is peeling, the tree trunk looks 'shaggy' i.e. messy, with thin, peeling layers of bark hanging off it. I'm sorry, I don't know what the best word would be in Spanish.
  5. appc Senior Member

    Gracias amigos, de a poco he entenido el concepto.

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