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Hello there!

I was listening to a song from Dirty Dancing and I wondered what "shake 'em down" means. I couldn't find it out in a dictionary, although one in one dictionary, one of the meanings was "a boisterous dance".

You broke my heart
'Cause I couldn't dance
You didn't even want me around
And now I'm back, to let you know
I can really shake 'em down

Any ideas will be welcome. Thank u in advance!
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    Hi and welcome,

    I think in this context it means that the person can now really, I mean seriously, dance well.

    Also from a song by Gregory Abbott

    "You read my mind (You know you did)
    Girl I wanna shake you down (well oh well)
    I can give you all the loving you need
    (I'm gonna love you)
    Come on let me take you down (oh, baby)
    We'll go all the way to heaven.

    However I don't think these lyrics have anything to do with dancing.

    Saludos desde Londres
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    ¿No se refiere simplemente a contonear las caderas? "... I can really shake (my hips) down". De ahí también supongo esa traducción como sustantivo, "boisterous dance", que me imagino que será "boisterous" por el movimiento frenético de caderas y del cuerpo en general.


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    Gracias a todos por vuestras respuestas y la bienvenida :)

    » Londres & albertovidal
    I also get the feeling that he's referring to that now he can shake his body so well that he has no rivals anymore.

    » Billbasque
    Por el contexto, yo pienso que se refiere a "shake" en el sentido de "smash, crash" a sus rivales, más que a sus caderas. Aunque eso nos lo podría aclarar mejor un nativo del inglés.
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