shaking a fist at a rain cloud


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"In the end, trying to underscore Hazleton’s status as an all-American white enclave was akin to shaking a fist at a rain cloud. Latinos are now the driving force in Hazleton’s economy, and the city has taken on an increasingly Latin flavor. Hazleton now looks, sounds, smells, and feels transformed."

As America Changes, Some Anxious Whites Feel Left Behind

What does the underlined metaphor mean? I tend to understand it as "useless." It seems that it has a story behind (because it specifies "rain cloud" not just any kind of cloud). Yet my search returned me no more than a bunch of irrelevant musical songs.


  • WyomingSue

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    It does mean "useless", but I don't connect it with any story in particular. If you see storm clouds blow over, but you don't want it to rain so you shake your fist at the cloud and tell it to go away, you will have no impact on the rain anyway.