shall be qualified to tradesman level as blast-cleaner

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Hello again!
Operators shall be qualified to tradesman level as blast-cleaner, painter, applicator etc.

In my opinion, the marked fragment means "shall work as a blast-cleaner by trade" or "shall be a blast-cleaner by trade".

What's your opinion? Thank you. It's a coating procedure specification. Sad to say, no online version exists.
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    In many places tradesmen are required to hold official certification as to their technical proficiency. In order to be hired for the position in your example, a job applicant would have to show s/he was qualified at a certain level. Some systems might not use offIcial certificates, in which case the applicant might have to take a test to prove proficiency. Does that help?

    Baltic Sea

    Does it mean that in case official certificates are not used, an operator "will have to show that he/she is qualified at a certain level by taking a test in order to prove proficiency"?


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    Keep in mind that "tradesman level" is one level in a clearly defined series of levels of qualification: apprentice, journeyman, tradesman, master, or something similar (I don't know how local trades are organized). And that "qualified to" means similar to "certified as"
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