"Shall I ...?"---"Yes, please/please do."


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Which is more natural for the blank below, #1 or #2?
1. please
2. please do

A: Shall I begin the lesson now?
B: Yes, ( ).

I thought #1 was, but I was not sure. So I consulted several dictionaries and I've found out that some dictionaries available in Japan give either #1 or #2, while others give both #1 and #2.

What do you think?
  • rainbow84uk

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    I would second that.

    Also, 'Yes, please' is most often heard in response to an object/substance being offered offered, like: 'Would you like a cup of tea?' 'Ooh, yes, please!'. When there's an action involved you have a second verb, which is something we rarely repeat when we reply to questions, so the answer to: 'Would you like me to start now?' is usually: 'Yes, please (do).'
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