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  1. marza Senior Member

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    Estoy traduciendo un contrato y me vuelvo loca tratando de interpretar/traducir/insertar una frase que recurrentemente aparece en el texto dentro de paréntesis. Por ejemplo:

    XXX shall (and shall cause its affiliates to perform the services to) render information and keep records......

    Sin la frase entre paréntesis yo sería inmensamente feliz, pero ni entiendo bien que significa "shall cause".

    Mi intento es algo como:

    XXX shall cause que sus filiales realicen el servicio, y brindará la información..... bla bla bla....

    ¿Uds que opinan? y ¿qué es shall cause?

    Gracias de antemano.
  2. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    "shall cause" conveys the same meaning, I think, as mandar hacer. You can do something yourself or you can request or command someone else to do it. If you request or command someone else to do that thing, then you have caused it.

    You can pay me $10 or you can cause someone else to pay me $10. I don't care as long as I get the $10. So, XXX can keep the records and provide information or its affiliates can keep the records and provide information. I don't care who keeps the records and provide the information as long as the records are kept and the information is provided.

    "Shall" here is a form of the future tense of "to be" that implies an obligation on the part of a person (when used in the second or third person, but not in the first person!). It's used mostly in legal documents (kind of like the future subjunctive in Spanish, I suspect).
  3. robjh22 Senior Member

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    I think that "asegurar" and even a simple "hacer" convey this idea of "shall cause" as well, resulting in "y asegurara que sus filiales...." or "hara que sus filiales realicen ...."

    I know I am missing accent marks on the two verbs there. I do not know how to make one with this German keyboard. Or an apostrophe.
  4. marza Senior Member

    Mexico, español
    Thank you, both!!! Crystal clear!!

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