Shallow Body of Water

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I was not previously aware that the word ضحل carries pejorative meanings. Is that only in relation to humans (which I could understand as the equivalent English words (superficial, shallow) do as well), or with any usage? In other words could I use the word to mean a shallow body of water, such as a puddle or a pond -- بركة ضحلة -- or would it not be used that way? If it is not used that way what would the most common way of expressing a shallow body of water? And in what ways would the word ضحل be used?
  • cherine

    Arabic (Egypt).
    The adjective is perjorative when used metaphorically, like saying that someone has معرفة ضحلة بالأمور or that he's giving وصفاً ضحلاً للمسألة (= not deep enough, superficial).

    But a shallow body of water is certainly ضحل and maybe the metaphore is taken from this. I mean, I always read this adj. used with water مياه ضحلة - بحيرة ضحلة - بركة ضحلة and it means that the water isn't deep. Nothing pejorative here, just the plain description of reality :)
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