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    In English, one way of saying "went on foot" is "used Shank's pony". Is there a Spanish equivalent?

    Tony MS
  2. Filomeno's brother

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    I didn't know any figurative expressions to say 'ir a pie' o 'ir caminando' (except for 'ir a pata') but I've found these ones in Collins Es-En and Cambridge Klett Compact dictionaries:

    shank n

    IDIOMS to go on or by Shanks's pony hum ir en el coche de San Francisco, ir a golpe de calcetín

    shank ... 3. to go on ~'s pony ir en el coche de San Fernando, ir a pata Méx

    'Ir a pata' is a vulgar expression, which is used not only in Mexico (as the definition says) but also in other Latin American countries.

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    Many thanks

  4. fiodor2 Member

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    In Spain, you can say "ir en el coche de San Fernando (, un ratito a pie y otro caminando)" though it's kind of a joke for there's obviously no car. I don't know whether the meaning of the English expression is intented to be funny by contrast.
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