Shape Up Or Ship Out


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Standard American English
This expression is an ultimatum. The ultimatum is for someone to improve performance or behavior or else that person will be forced to leave. Here are some examples.

1. Neznaika is making mistakes at work again. His angry boss tells him, "You better shape up or ship out!"
2. Neznaika is playing football as goalkeeper and in the first minute the opponents already scored a goal past him. Teammate Sergei Ignasevich immediately tells him, "That goal was an easy one to block, so shape up or ship out!"
3. The band is ready to play, but the drummer is distraught from bad news from his girlfriend. The leader of the band tells him, "Hey, we start in ten minutes so shape up or ship out!"

Как сказать по-русски?
  • Maroseika

    There is no Russian set expression including both parts of the English one, but for the first part in # 1 and 2 we can use "браться за ум":
    Берись за ум, или придется тебя вышвырнуть.
    Пора уже браться за ум, иначе...

    For # 3 I'd say соберись, приди в себя.


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    Для второго случая браться за ум не очень подходит:
    Этот мяч можно было легко взять! Соберись уже!

    Vadim K

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    I would offer "Собери́сь или собира́й мана́тки".
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