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The sentence: "This facility accepts share deposits for multiple credit unions." was transtaled as: "Esta instalación acepta depósitos de acciones para múltiples cooperativas de ahorro y crédito."

I would like your opinion. I am not sure the expression "share deposits" are "depósitos de acciones". Or, if that expression is understood by Spanish speakers. The idea is that some Credit Unions accept deposits for another Credit Unions. However, a Share Deposit is what you get whenever you deposit funds into a credit union. You are essentially buying a share of the credit union as they are non-profit cooperatives.
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    You are really not “buying a share” as Credit Unions do not issue shares and do not have shareholders or owners. As a non-profit entity, they have members, namely the deposit customers. Members receive some of the indirect benefits similar to those of an owner, but in kind, such as benefiting from the profitability of the entity in terms of lower costs and better rates, and the right to vote with respect to management.

    The concept of Banca Cooperativa exists in Latin America and Spain, but it is not legally or structurally the same as in the US.

    Thus a “Share Deposit” or “Share Account” is simply a Deposit or an Account. Now that you are a member, you “share” in the benefits.

    I dont think you need to translate “share”, as it is a figurative description.