share in a thousand and one invitations

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Hi, I am working on a file for Baccarat,a manufacturer of fine crystal glassware, what do they mean by the part in bold? Is it a metaphor?

With this unique presentation, Baccarat is celebrating 250 years of iconic pieces thus creating the opportunity to share in a thousand and one invitations and be part of the Baccarat magic, stimulating the senses with its reflected light and the sound of clicking glasses. a very special occasion for a moment truly unforgettable.

Thank you
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    I think that writer chose "a thousand and one invitations" because he wanted to evoke any awareness of "One Thousand and One Nights" (a famous collection of tales from the Middle East) that a reader might have.

    I don't think it has any literal meaning beyond "We want to invite you to a magical experience."

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